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Did you know Invisalign braces might be an option for your teenager?

Has your teenager been told that he or she needs braces? If so, there is nothing to fret about getting braces these days since teeth straightening solutions have come a long way.

With the teenage years come school pictures, dates, and sports. The last thing your teenager wants to have is a set of unattractive metal braces on his or her teeth to document these years. Fortunately, with Invisalign, you have a virtually invisible teeth straightening solution that does not use the unsightly metal brackets and wires that traditional braces do.

As specialists in Invisalign braces in Vancouver WA, our team at Padden Dental wants to make you aware of a number of reasons why you should consider this teeth straightening solution for your teen. First of all, Invisalign relies on custom clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth, so it’s difficult for anyone to really tell that you are wearing braces.

Another big advantage is that the aligners can be easily removed so that you can enjoy some of your favorite foods like whole apples and popcorn–foods that would need to be avoided completely while wearing metal braces.

The ability to remove aligners helps tremendously with oral hygiene, allowing users of Invisalign to brush and floss as they normally would. Patients that wear the traditional metal braces often have some staining once the brackets are removed from the teeth as the brackets and wires make it more challenging to brush thoroughly.

Does your teen play sports or a musical instrument? While metal braces have historically made these activities more difficult, Invisalign allows teens to keep doing what they love without fear of cutting their lips or cheeks on a sharp metal bracket.

To learn more about Invisalign braces in Vancouver WA, contact us at Padden Dental.

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