Pregnancy Dental Care in Vancouver, Washington

Dental health is especially important during pregnancy. Are you expecting and need a dental check-up?

Dental care during pregnancy is especially important as you are carrying a new life inside you and want to ensure that your child is as healthy as possible when born.

Here are steps to take as a pregnant woman to ensure your oral health is up to par during this time.

Because pregnant women are at a greater risk for gum disease due to the increased levels of progesterone in their bodies, it is essential to brush your teeth twice a day or even as much as three times per day after each meal.

Floss once per day to remove as much of the food debris between your teeth as possible. Flossing is an excellent habit to adopt in your everyday life as it is, and it will ensure that you are fighting off the possibility of developing a gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis – two conditions that can be particularly dangerous during pregnancy.

Use a good mouthwash with antibacterial properties to better ensure you don’t develop a gum disease.

Make and keep regular appointments to see your dentist for your six month cleanings and any screening you might need. It is a fact that you never get a better cleaning than when you visit your dentist, and technology has evolved to the point where you can get an X-ray if necessary, even if you are pregnant.

It is absolutely essential to ensure good dental health during pregnancy, and following these steps, it is definitely possible. And to find the right dental clinic in Vancouver, be sure to contact us at Padden Dental.

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