What is IV Sedation Dentistry?

A quick working sedative drug entered through your vein that eliminates anxiety and pain

child dentist treat boy teeth under sedation with dental curing ultraviolet light equipment, what is IV sedation dentistry

If you have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist, IV dentistry might be right for you.

If you naturally have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist, IV sedation dentistry may sound imposing and complicated, but is actually quite easy to understand. You are put under the influence of specialized anesthetics for the duration of an ordinary dental checkup or treatment. IV sedation works quickly via a special drip that infuses an anesthetic directly into your vein and circulatory system, and it provides you with almost unparalleled comfort and calm in the process.[1]

Effects of IV Sedation

IV sedation is also commonly called “twilight sedation” because it puts you into a very relaxed and dreamlike state. You feel almost no pain, but at the same time, you are able to respond if your dentist asks you questions during the procedure. Many of the medications used to induce this state have a slightly hypnotic effect, causing you to remember little about your procedure. This not only keeps you more than comfortable during dental checkups and procedures, but it also reduces your stress and anxiety when anticipating future visits.[2]

What Are the Benefits of IV Sedation?

Electing for IV sedation dentistry is advantageous. For one thing, you will not experience any pain during the entirety of your dental procedure. This is especially helpful when major dental procedures are necessary, and it allows your dentist to do the job in one visit.[3] IV sedation sets in more quickly than other forms of sedation, and the dentist can adjust your dose at any time throughout the process.

IV sedation is also useful when your dentist needs you to communicate during a procedure. This can save time and helps your doctor to get things done right the first time around. If the dentist is placing any implants or prosthetic devices in your mouth, your responses will ensure that they are fitted correctly and without hassle.[3]

If you are bashful about the appearance of your teeth and have anxiety about going in for necessary dental treatments, IV sedation may be the right solution for you. You’ll feel more relaxed and be able to get the routine care or dental interventions you need to be healthy. You’ll be able to get the regular dental checkups that will help to keep tooth decay at bay, nearly eliminating the need for more serious treatments.[3]


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