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Are you considering dental veneers? Learn more about what they can do.

Are you unsatisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Have you always been self-conscious about your teeth’s shape, color, size, or length? If so, you may want to consider veneers, which are custom-made shells made of tooth-colored material that go over the surface of your teeth to enhance your appearance.

Here are some of the more common dental problems that veneers are the ideal solution for:

  • Teeth that have become discolored for a number of reasons, such as stains from certain foods or beverages, stains from medicines like tetracycline, and discoloration from a root canal treatment.
  • Teeth that have become worn down, chipped, or even broken.
  • Irregularly shaped teeth. Examples could include teeth that are mis-aligned or even a tooth that has a crater in it.

If you decide that veneers are the best solution for you, Padden Dental, a specialist in cosmetic dentistry Vancouver WA, can help you to decide what the best choice of veneer material is for you. Dental veneers are made from either porcelain or resin composite materials, and there are advantages to both. For example, veneers made of porcelain have a tendency to resist stains better and look very natural. Resin veneers, on the other hand, do not require as much removal of the tooth’s surface to apply.

When you make the decision to get veneers, you will typically need to make three trips to the dentist to complete the procedure. During the first visit, you will speak to your specialist in cosmetic dentistry Vancouver WA about what you want to achieve with the veneers. In the following visit(s), your dentist will prepare your teeth for the veneers by making an impression of your teeth and completing any necessary bonding.

To learn more about veneers, please contact us at Padden Dental.

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