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A lot of people don’t know whether or not wisdom teeth removal is necessary. Do you?

When you receive your molars during adolescence, you assume you’re finally done getting new teeth. Then, approximately 10 years later, your dentist shows you an x-ray that reveals several wisdom teeth lying beneath the gum line. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Each year, millions of individuals find out that they have to get their wisdom teeth removed. Read on to learn more about wisdom teeth and their removal:

Why Do People Get Wisdom Teeth?

Approximately two-thirds of all adults have wisdom teeth. Some people have only one wisdom tooth, while others get a full set of four. Many dentists attribute the development of wisdom teeth to genetics. If your parents had them, you likely will as well. However, wisdom teeth are not necessary. You do not need them for chewing or speaking; in fact, your wisdom teeth may negatively impact eating or talking abilities, depending on how they grow.

What Are the Dangers of Wisdom Teeth?

The human mouth generally does not have enough room for the wisdom teeth. As a result, they may push against existing teeth while trying to break through the surface of the gums, causing malocclusions. In other cases, the wisdom teeth may develop sideways instead of vertically, which may prevent them from erupting—instead, they become impacted against tooth roots or jawbone. Under these circumstances, a person may develop painful and dangerous tooth abscesses.

How Can a Dentist Solve My Wisdom Teeth Issue?

The easiest and safest way to prevent the myriad of concerns that wisdom teeth can cause is extraction. By removing your wisdom teeth, your dentist can eliminate the potential problems they may produce. If you suspect that you have wisdom teeth coming in, be sure to contact a dentist for further assistance.

Do you have wisdom teeth? If so, Padden Dental can remove them at one of our comfortable Vancouver offices. To schedule a consultation for your wisdom teeth extraction, call us at (360) 213-1999.

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