fear free dentistry at Padden Dental

We offer fear-free dentistry at Padden Dental in Vancouver, WA.

Are you new to Vancouver, WA, or looking to change dentists?  We have some recommendations on how to choose a dentist — and of course we believe Padden Dental to be a great choice.

Did you know that only 60% of all individuals undergo routine dental treatment each year? The other 40% may avoid the dentist due to dental phobia or the cost of treatment, many individuals simply don’t have a family dentist.  An experienced dentist can help you with fear.

Ask About Experience

Reputation and experience can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right family dentist. Just because a general dentistry clinic provides cosmetic dentistry and emergency services doesn’t necessarily mean that they do it well. You want to make sure that you find a dentist with a respected, credible reputation and has experience in his or her practice. Ask your family and friends, or even your primary care physician, for a list of referrals or recommendations.

Look into Available Treatment Options

Not all family dentists offer the same procedures and treatment options. Instead of seeing one dental specialist for tooth extractions and another for dental implants, try to find a family dentist that offers an array of procedures and treatments and specializes in children’s dentistry.

Locate the Best Financial Plans

Your dental insurance is designed to cover general dentistry services and cosmetic procedures that are deemed medically necessary. However, not all family dentistry clinics accept the same insurance plans. Inquire with any potential dentistry clinic about accepted insurances and other estimated financial plans in the event your dental benefits do not provide sufficient coverage.

With over 20 years of experience, family dentists with Padden Dental are committed to providing the best general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services in the Vancouver and Clark County areas. Call today for more information on patient services and financial plans.  And, if you’re struggling to find the right general dentistry or children’s dentistry clinic for your family, then check out these tips for selecting a family dentist.

About Eric Dahlen

Eric Dahlen, DMD Padden Dental

Dr. Eric Dahlen is your local family dentist and enjoys making same day crowns in Vancouver, WA. Need a new smile? Are you suffering due to poorly shaped or damaged teeth? Dr. Eric has a special interest in endodontics. “I like endodontics because it is usually associated with a patient in pain. I like to get people out of pain and by doing so, their fear of dentistry reduces."

Give me a call today to schedule a consultation in our Padden Dental office by calling (360) 213-1999.

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