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At Padden Dental, we offer a variety of dental payment options.

While a dentist may accept cash or check payments, many individuals cannot afford to cover the entire cost of their cosmetic dental procedure. Fortunately, the increased popularity of cosmetic dental treatments has lead to the development of several financing options by loan companies and third-party lenders. Check out some of the best payment options to consider for your next cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Dental Plans

Your dental insurance benefits will not cover cosmetic dental procedures unless there is also a medical diagnostic reason for them. Dental plans operate on the same premise as conventional dental insurance, but with less hassle. Unlike dental insurance, a discounted dental plan eliminates the need for claim forms, long waiting periods, deductibles, and regulations on pre-existing conditions. Purchasing a discounted dental plan allows you to pay an annual membership fee to the dental provider in exchange for discounts on general and cosmetic dentistry services.

CareCredit Accounts

A CareCredit account is similar to a traditional credit account, except that you can only use it for healthcare services. One of the biggest benefits of a CareCredit card is that you are eligible for a no-interest payment plan as long as your debt is paid in full within 6, 12, 18, or 24 months of the plan promotion.


Another great financing option is to open a ChaseHealthAdvance account. Similar to CareCredit accounts, ChaseHealthAdvance provides no-interest payment plans for 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months. Dental financing through ChaseHealthAdvance also provides extended payment plans and revolving lines of credit without the need for a down payment or application fee.


When all else fails, applying for a loan may be your best option. Many financing companies allow you to apply for a loan over the phone or even online. Lend amounts can range anywhere from $1000-$25,000 and often provide low-interest rates for individuals with good credit.

Whether you’re interested in dental implants, composite bonding, or other cosmetic dentistry procedure, Padden Dental provides the financing options for your needs. Call or contact us today!

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