Electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush

A lot of people will rave about their power toothbrushes, but do they really get your teeth cleaner?

Chances are you know of someone who has gotten a power toothbrush and who raves about it. But does adding power to a toothbrush really make it better, or is it just a way to increase the cost of dentistry in Vancouver WA? Which type of brush is better for you is an individual matter.

Power toothbrushes can be electric or battery-operated. Electric brushes have a spinning and vibrating head that helps remove a lot of gunk from your teeth. They do generally perform better than manual toothbrushes in studies. Some models come with replaceable heads, too. The downside to an electric brush is that it does require electricity for proper use.

Battery-operated brushes aren’t quite so active, and you may have to treat one almost like a manual brush. That means moving it in little circles as you brush your teeth. The heads do vibrate, though, which usually provides better cleaning than a manual brush. However, you do need batteries to get the most out of the brush.

Manual brushes might sound like the lesser option at this point, but remember that your brushing technique counts as well, and you can get great results with a manual brush. They are also generally less expensive than power brushes, and you don’t need any type of power source other than your own. You’ll also find an extensive array of bristle options with manual brushes.

If you’d like to get a better sense of which type of brush might be the best for you to use, call your local Vancouver dentist to set up an appointment. If you have comments or advice about the type of brush you currently use, feel free to leave a comment in the “comment below” section.

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