Early Childhood Caries Treatment

Early childhood caries impact many children under the age of five.

Early childhood caries (ECC), also known as baby bottle tooth decay, is a common tooth decay problem that usually occurs in children under five years old. On occasion, bacteria around your child’s teeth will create acid that can lead to the development of cavities and standard tooth decay. If you’re a parent or a child care provider, being aware of ECC and all that it entails will allow you to prevent the issue altogether.

Primary Causes and Associated Symptoms

Poor oral hygiene greatly increases the chances that your child will start to experience tooth decay. For example, if your infant’s teeth aren’t brushed properly, there’s a good chance that these teeth may begin to decay. One of the rarer causes of early childhood caries is infection caused by Streptococcus Mutans, which is a type of bacteria that passes directly from the mother to the infant.

Practicing good oral hygiene will reduce the likelihood of this infection. Lengthy usage of a milk bottle has been known to increase the chances of your child developing early childhood cavities. The most common symptoms include white spots on the teeth, abscesses, and decay that rapidly spreads. This decay typically starts with the front teeth. Severe decay is noted by black spots, swollen gums, and bad breath.

The Importance of Prevention

There are a variety of child dental care tips that you can practice with your child to ensure that their teeth are healthy and well taken care of. It is important that you keep good oral health yourself, especially if you share food with your child, although it is best to avoid this. Your child should be taken off of bottled milk by the age of one, and while he or she is on bottled milk, make sure they never fall asleep with the bottle. Your child’s baby teeth are designed to act as a stop-gap for their permanent teeth, and If they are removed early, the permanent teeth could become misaligned.

It’s important that you start dental visits for your child by the age of one. By requesting early dental care, your child will receive a wide array of useful benefits. For one, the chances of preventing the development of early childhood caries is substantially greater when doing so. You’ll also help get your child used to the dentist, which will help build a trusting relationship between dentist and patient that will subsist through any future visits.

Early Childhood Caries Treatment

The proper management of cavities is essential if your child does start to suffer from this condition. The longer you go without proper dental treatment will only worsen the severity of the decay. The most common remedy is fluoride treatment. This treatment helps by taking the affected teeth through the remineralization process. Diet changes for the infant might also be suggested. If the decay worsens, then unfortunately the tooth as a whole might need to be pulled.

How Padden Dental Can Help

Here at Padden Dental, we offer a large selection of services aimed at keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Our trained employees will help your child establish good dental health practices early in their life, such as proper brushing and flossing techniques. If you believe that your child is at risk of losing teeth, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with Padden Dental today!

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