Why do I Need a Dental Crown?

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are some of the most usual restorations that people require for their teeth.  Your own dentist may have reviewed your situation and advised you to get a dental crown. Since most people are not dental experts, it is a good idea for you to know why you need a dental crown before you actually get one. Generally, dentists recommend dental crowns because they are the best option to improve and extend the life of your tooth for many years as well as being a good investment for your teeth. Other than improving the life of your tooth, there are also a few other important reasons why you should get a dental crown.

  • Large filling:  A small cavity can easily be filled but if a cavity has eaten up half the width or more of the tooth, then a crown becomes necessary. Otherwise the tooth that is remaining around a big filling will be too weak to stay together and could fracture. The crown will hold the tooth together and keep it strong.
  • Cracked tooth syndrome:  In this condition a patient has a fracture somewhere inside a tooth that causes biting pain when chewing. In this case, it is often best to have a Porcelain crown made that will keep the tooth together. This will usually reduce biting pain.
  • Root canal:  Root canal procedure hollows out the tooth and leaves it empty and weak. It can easily crack!  In order to protect a tooth that has had root canal treatment, it is necessary to place a crown on it to keep it from fracturing.
  • Broken tooth:  A broken does not hurt but it does not look good either! In some cases, the remaining tooth may be too little to be salvaged at all and then it will have to be removed entirely.  But in cases where there is enough tooth left where it can be salvaged, a dental crown can restore it and make it look good as new.
  • Wearing down of teeth:  Some people have a habit of consistently grinding their teeth. Over time, this can completely wear out a tooth.  When the enamel is ground off, there is only soft dentin remaining on the tooth. To restore the worn away tooth, a dental crown is necessary to protect the tooth and restore biting function.

Dental Crown Options

In many cases, we are able to shape the tooth and using our CEREC same-day crown technology, we can fabricate your Porcelain crown right here in our office while you wait.  No more irritating temporaries or messy impressions.  We can cement the crown on while you’re numb and you leave with the finished product.

Sometimes for front teeth, when they need a bit more shade blending, we are able to use a dental lab and perform beautiful shade matching.  No one will be able to tell where the crown is, all they will see is a beautiful smile!

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About Eric Dahlen

Eric Dahlen, DMD Padden Dental

Dr. Eric Dahlen is your local family dentist and enjoys making same day crowns in Vancouver, WA. Need a new smile? Are you suffering due to poorly shaped or damaged teeth? Dr. Eric has a special interest in endodontics. “I like endodontics because it is usually associated with a patient in pain. I like to get people out of pain and by doing so, their fear of dentistry reduces."

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